Friday, November 26, 2010

Pink Remedy for Black Friday

I don't know how you spent your Friday, but if it was black, you need some pink.  

Soak those tootsies in a rose petal spa.
Unwind in a warm rose and lime bath.

Pamper yourself with good smelling lotions and perfume.

Slip into something comfortable.

Make your way to the chaise. Kick back and relax with the laptop.

Oh, sorry.  I'm was so tired from the last couple of days, I must have fallen asleep and had a dream. Sweet dreams and Happy Pink Saturday!

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Rebecca said...

I need all of this-my day has been sooooo long-up since 3:00am and worked 5am to 630 pm-and I'm tired-that pink bed is gorgeous!

glenda said...

I did'nt do black friday...but I like the idea enuf to become a new follower. Welcome to Blogging...

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
What a beautiful share today. I didn't go to Black Friday shopping. I am afraid of getting ran over, and I just can't fight the crowds like I used to.

I would certainly love to soak in that tub though, and the pink lotions look divine. Thank you for the share sweet friend.

Have a gorgeous Pink Saturday. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Gracie Jewellery said...

I could go for all of this! Happy Pink Saturday. Hey, I'm having a giveaway!

Ginger said...

I didnt go near Black Friday, but put my trees up today and worked really hard so that bath looks really enticing. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by to see me, your blog is lovely.

Jacqueline said...

Everything is lovely! That chaise lounge is to die for (and the whole room). I believe in a bath everyday, to spoil myself. What gorgeous images. I am on vacation so no Black Friday for me. I am scared of it to tell the truth. I love to get my shopping done before December begins. But I still need pampering all month. Thanks, happy Pink Sat.

Jacqueline said...

I forgot to mention that I am thrilled to follow you back!

Donnie said...

That was a great dream. Thanks for sharing it with me. I grew up in a house of brothers and had sons only so that would be a dream for me. have a great weekend.

Blondie's Journal said...

It all looked like heaven! Well, maybe not the limes!!


Cindy said...

Oh Tammy, such darling images! How I would love to have a bath tub like that and a gorgeous PINK chase!
Would you believe that Canada is now having Black Friday sales just to keep the Canadians from going down to the US to shop. We were out today, but only at the grocery store, so I didn't see any BF sales. I visited one of my sweet little old shut-in ladies, such a dear, she nearly cried when I left. I think I will go back again, very soon.
Love and smiles, Cindy

Nancy said...

Delightful images for any day! Happy Pink Saturday! from California at last.

Cozy Home Scenes said...

You couldn't pay me enough to go shopping after Thanksgiving or Christmas! All your pictures look very peaceful and relaxing. Any woman would enjoy those things regardless of what day it is.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you too...what a great post!!!


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Beautiful blog!

Flora Doora

Donna said...

mmm! You make me feel like I have just had a spa treatment...thanks! Hey, Why don't I look any better???

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a lovely post, I enjoyed each tip and image.

Happy Pink Saturday,


Erika said...

Next Friday all this is on :) Thanks for the inspirational schedule, it is a must at least once in a while. Happy PS!

From The Heart said...

Thank you for the kind words about my "pink" post,
and for following. And your blog is beautiful and inspiring! I am following your blog, and looking forward to seeing more nice things.
God is good!!

Diann said...

Oh, I will take this dream over the one I had last night. I think I will borrow it for tonight. I need a break from stressed out dreams! LL

Laura said...

What a great post.
I tried to join in on Black Friday but when I saw the crowds, I turned the car around!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving,

White Spray Paint

Linda M. said...

Happy Pink Saturday Tammy, So sorry to hear you were just dreaming it sounded perfect to me. Your blog name intrigued me so I had to read about Beatrice Banks. I just love the story. I wish I had thought of doing that for a name. I'd be Emma June after two important women in my life. My great Aunt and my mother. Have a wonderful week!

Tiffanee said...

Thank you!! I really needed that pampering!! Happy Pink Saturday! I am now your newest follower!!

Jillian said...

Hello and nice to "meet" you! I love the pictures of pampering you showed us.... I could really use some now. We did not do the typical black friday shopping...we went to small, local towns in Pennsylvania and there weren't any crowds. Its just COLD! :0)

Your blog is so pretty. Thnak you for stopping by to visit mine. Happy Pink Saturday!

Bella Rosa ANtiques

Rick said...

I was out at 4:30 AM waiting in the cold on Black Friday, but I'll pass on your bath suggestion. Who would clean up all that stuff in the tub when I'm done?

Vintage Porcelain Art By Amy Enright said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! I have done the same! :)

LV said...

I never do the black Friday thing. I do not need anything that badly. I appreciate so much your visit and comment. Thanks for becoming a follower and I will rerun the favor. My poor feet would love having a good soaking in the rose water.

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Happy Pink Saturday....
The foot soak is always soooooo soothing and how I would love to jump into that tub at the end of busy day! (One of my daughters has a tub just like that one with a darling black chandelier above it that has candles.)
Thank you for becoming my newest follower and you will see I am following you, too!
So nice to have found you!

mo said...

Hi, I love your Pink Saturday post. I am your newest follower from Beverly's Pink Saturday. I especially love your last photo. The beautiful room. How lovely. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy!
I'm visiting from Bev's Pink Saturday Link, as well as you dropping by my site. Thank you for reading up on my story. Yes, I'm keeping it real. Trying to move on in a positive way!

I'm so happy I've found a new group of fun ladies to blog with!

God bless,

Viola over at

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

OOOOOh Laaaaa Laaaaa! This is what I call pampering! Your images are so dreamy! I would love to plunk down in that fabulous chaise!!!! But no rest for the weary tonight. I have my fall decorations boxed up and now my small army of helpers and I are taking them down to the basement. Then we will all settle down and watch John Adams while I start my Christmas Cards!
What a lovely virtual spa!

From the Kitchen said...

I'm loving your dream! Even though I'm not a Black Friday participant, I could still use all of the relaxation offerings in your post. Hmmm, I think I'll go take a nap.


Patricia said...

Happy Pink Saturday ! I hope your Thanksgiving was full
of family, friends, and fabulous friends. The design of your blog is just beautiful. I have enjoyed my
visit to your lovely blog. Thanks for being on my friends list and I have joined yours. Have a wonderful new week.

Julie said...

Happy Belated Pink Saturday! I've enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Gail said...

Oh my goodness, such beautiful, girly things. That bath looks very inviting.
Happy PS

stefanie said...

such gorgeous pictures!!!! love them all!

Stephanie said...

Oh Yes! Please! I want to do all of those things!! Stephanie

Beverly said...

Tammy, you are so good to pamper us in such luxury. I feel better already.

Happy Pink Saturday.