Monday, December 12, 2011

Shuga Please

Christmas is a time for eating sugar, with less guilt. Here in Georgia, people from the deep south say "shuga."  Love it.
Yesterday I hosted a small birthday dinner party for the doc.
We had lasagna and salad for the main course. This is the dessert table. I decided not to bake this year. We have a lot going on and time is short.  I did manage to bake the doc's favorite pound cake. But guess what was most eaten?
Yep, these little store bought cookies. Guests were dropping by and grabbing them right and left, even though they claimed to be "too full for dessert."  
It's the shuga I tell ya.
Before the party ever started, my little guys ate the top of the donut tree and then some.
No party complete without a hot cocoa bar. Whipped cream and crushed peppermint were also added.

Have you tried the crock pot recipe?  It's to die for.
6 cups milk
1 1/2 cup heavy cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups milk chocolate chips
Cook for 2 hours. Serves 6-8
(Thanks to the blogger who shared this- sorry I didn't make a note of origination. Let me know if you read this blog.)

I love dipping biscotti into hot cocoa. My thrifty find is this jar from The Christmas Tree Shop- $6.  Lovin' the little chalkboard label. 

I am off to wrap gifts. So happy to have my doc home. Maybe the wrapping will go faster while we chat. 

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I have not seen this recipe before, but will have to try it. I love biscotti, too. Have two bags of them. Enjoy time with hubby.

BrushedByAnAngel said...

"Gimme sum shuga, shuga" when my grandchildren hear this they know what is coming - it might be neck shuga or elbow shuga, but they know I am going to get it one way or the other. Your hot cocoa recipe sounds delish - will try it today. Oh, I have the same little chef Santa in my kitchen, isn't he the cutest?

Revi said...

Shuga without guilt - works for me! :) And I LOVE your silver chalkboard...

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Aww, so glad he is home too! The recipe looks great~the last time I made a crockpot recipe it was a disaster (but I will admit I didn't have all the ingredients!!) Love the chalkboard.

Anonymous said...

I love your biscotti jar....and the silver framed chalkboard....and the chandelier....okay....everything!

Gina said...

Now who wouldn't love that dessert table? Yum! I love the idea of the hot cocoa bar. I will definitely try your crockpot recipe. Thanks for sharing it!

Heather said...

A dessert table is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing the cocoa recipe. It sounds like a fun thing to serve!

Andrea said...

I'll need to try that recipe! I did a ton of baking this year, but am paying for it now...7 months prego and standing all day means for very swollen ankles and feet lol

Karena said...

Tammy how delish it all looks, especially your cocoa recipe and accoutrements!! Yum!

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Art by Karena

Jo said...

Great fun ~ the cocoa bar sounds like a fabulous idea ~ this is a must try!


Cindy said...

Oh Tammy! That recipe sounds like a heart attack in a cup! My oh my, girl, do people really drink that? I'm sure it's probably delicious, but it sounds very rich.
Your table of desserts looks yummy and the chalkboard is so cute.
Happy Birthday to the good Doc.
Love and hugs, Cindy

Michele Smith said...

I LOVE your frame, it is adorable!
Cute table too, yummY!
Happy Birthday to your Doc.

Donna said...

Love your blackboard...cute!! Wanna come to your party!! Looks like it will be so fun!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

The hot cocoa recipe sounds wonderful. Cook for two hours? Very low heat? Milk burns so easily..really? Thanks for the recipe. I will give it a try.
What a yummy post!
Thanks, Shuga! :)

podso said...

It's all so pretty ... Even though you didn't bake, this makes me want to get started!

Bristol said...

Such a cute idea for a hot cocoa bar, the cake looks scrumptious~

Marla and Steve said...

Looks delicious and what's a get together without sugah, lots of sugah :) Love that saying! I'm always ready for sugah.

Been absent for awhile cuz our computer died and that took some time to purchase and set up but I love our new, faster computer. Feels good to be back to browsing and visiting.

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I'm definitely trying the hot chocolate. Sounds divine. Anything with whipping cream is a winner in my book! Your desserts look great...I don't think I'm baking this year either. Maybe hershey kiss cookies but that's it. Hope your week is going good!

Anonymous said...

Hi my friend!
I've been outta the loop lately. Back blogging today with Pictures of Holidays 2011 posted.
Hope all is well.

Did I tell you my younger sister lives in Georgia?

Hope all is well.

Beautiful tablescape!

Hugs, Viola

Dayle said...

That recipe sounds addicting.

Love your dessert table, shuga!

Nani said...

Mmm...!!! The hot cocoa bar sounds wonderful! I've been on a peppermint cocoa kick lately.

Cozy Home Scenes said...

Sounds like a fun party! I've found people like to think they aren't eating a lot at parties, so they tend to grab bite size desserts. Somehow they don't "count" like a big piece of cake or pie. Now when we have parties, we cut cake into bite size. People will eat it more then.

I love hot chocolate, so your recipe sounds yummy!

Brandi said...

I've seen hot cocoa bars a lot in the past few weeks. Your cocoa bar is filled with all of my favorites! Yum! Happy Birthday to your hubby! I had no idea you were in Georgia too! Hope you're feeling better Tammy! Take care!!