Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's one of my favorite fabric designs. Timeless and classic. Take a look at these images from Better Homes and Garden.  The chair should belong to me.  It even has my monogram on the pillow.
Houndstooth is not relegated to black or brown.  Check out the red.
Source: Rue

And what about houndstooth at Christmas?

Look at this cute package trim from A Gift Wrapped Life.  If you haven't visited this delightful blog, it's a must.

More cute packages from Jaimee Ross at AZCentral.

Houndstooth can blend with multiple patterns.  Aren't these stockings adorable?
source: The Dandy Lion Boutique

Here's my little version of Christmas on my houndstooth bench/ottoman.  All from Target. How's this for a thrifty find?  
(ottoman less than $100)

And maybe if I'm really good, Santa will bring me a new coat from J.Crew.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Can Only Imagine -Food for the Soul

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend even though it was just me, Doc and the boys.  We ate, put up the tree, played games, went to a Christmas light festival and then ate some more. Trying to get in as much family time as we can since Doc is leaving Sunday to go work out of town for the next couple of months.  At least he's getting off for Christmas. We'll also go see him some on weekends. Goodbyes are never easy, especially the final ones.  We lost my father in law 2 years ago to cancer.  Holidays can be a painful reminder.  Doc would love to just call and chat with his dad.  Someday there will be no more goodbyes. Hello will never end.  I can only imagine

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Pink Remedy for Black Friday

I don't know how you spent your Friday, but if it was black, you need some pink.  

Soak those tootsies in a rose petal spa.
Unwind in a warm rose and lime bath.

Pamper yourself with good smelling lotions and perfume.

Slip into something comfortable.

Make your way to the chaise. Kick back and relax with the laptop.

Oh, sorry.  I'm was so tired from the last couple of days, I must have fallen asleep and had a dream. Sweet dreams and Happy Pink Saturday!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Table

Welcome to the cheapest table setting ever. Sticking to my "no spending" rule, the Thanksgiving table is set for less than $15. 

For inexpensive place cards:
Use free clipart from Graphics Fairy on cardstock.  An old trick of the teaching trade is to outline with a magic marker.  Just run your marker along the edge and it creates an automatic border.  

Attach to a pine cone from the front yard, and there you have an almost free place card. 

A run down on everything else:
  • tablecloth is a curtain
  • Pier 1 pillow bought at GW for $2
  • dishes, well can you spell C-H-E-A-P?  
  • Wal Mart $1 plates 
  • Wal Mart .88 stemware 
  • bottom plates are from my everyday set
  • leave plates bought on clearance last year for .50
  • feathers and brown cattails added to faux greenery  (Not exactly what I want but, something I didn't have to purchase.)
  • rest of the items were shopped from the house

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Borrowed House Dining Room part 2

This an overview of the Borrowed House dining room. Of course, it's decorated for Thanksgiving at the moment.
I saw this table and wanted it but could not afford it.  Craigslist to the rescue!  $500. Sold! Although we don't eat in the formal dining room all the time, we don't wait on company.  Meals are eaten here for every celebration we can think of. So nothing too fancy. The leather chairs are perfect for the kids. 
For a borrowed house, the room really does have nice finishing touches like the crown molding and arched windows.  Having nice shutters saved me lots of moola.  Otherwise, there would  be a sheet hanging here.

This is a reminder of the blank canvas we started with.

This curio cabinet has been with us a long time. Amazing it hasn't fallen apart as many times as it's been moved.  I like how it echoes the arch of the window.


The flea market find needle points were in awful frames when I purchased them.  (Didn't think to take before and after pictures back then.)  But, the difference of  new frames took them from dime store look to treasured antiques. 

The buffet/console table is a reproduction.  Love the details.  Thought I'd try the layered look with the monogram and the "knight in shining armor" antique art. Love the tortoise shell frame it's in.
Thankful that I found a knight in shining armor in real life!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Borrowed House Dining Room part 1

I promised to show you more of the Borrowed House so today, I'll start with the dining room.  I purchased this English dresser at an antique warehouse. It was originally used to "dress" food.  The shelves must have been used for cupboards.  Fancy huh? But kind of tight for food prep. And we gripe about our counter space.  The shelves have nice ridges to hold plates so it makes a great plate/china display.  If you've packed china, then you know why mine is not being displayed until the next destination.  For now, it'll host seasonal vignettes. This week,it's "Thanksgiving."

(I love how the sun was streaming in this morning.)

The tray has a nice texture.  Purchased years ago at an antique shop.

And my newest little splurge, $6 at T.J. Maxx. Love the letter tags.  My message from me to you-

More to come later this week!

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I'm happy to have reached over 100 followers!  I want to thank each of you for following.   Your comments and encouragement are so appreciated.  What an awesome blessing to be gaining friends from all around the world.   Hope the next 100 comes as easily as the first!  Lisa was the 100th follower.  Go check out her blog.  I adore it!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Walking by Faith

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I've always loved the lyrics to this song but it has taken on new meaning after reading the story behind it.  Go HERE if you want to hear a truly inspiring testimony. 
Thankful for His faithfulness.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving week. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Modern Vintage Pink Bathroom/Winner

I love Martha Stewart's versions of a vintage pink bathroom.  Old charm with a few modern twists like pink subway tiles.

I'm also tickled pink to be a winner!  Patti sent me a beautiful gift for being the 100th follower at Patti's Artful Design. She's a very talented artist. Check out her blog and while you're there, go see her store.  
She couldn't have known how much I love monograms.  This one is truly beautiful and unique.  It's going to be perfect in my coastal themed bedroom. 

I love it, Patti!  Thank you so much!

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