Wednesday, July 11, 2012

See You Later


Hope all of you are enjoying the summer! Thanks for the comments and emails while I was on vacation. 
Here's an update-
We have moved into a small apartment. My youngest thought we were in a hotel a few days until he realized there was no maid service. It has been an adjustment to say the least. However, downsizing is not so bad. We do miss our house though. (I'm currently listening to my upstairs neighbor exercise, hoping the ceiling doesn't fall in.)

The big news is...I'm now employed. No more lazy days at the computer. My life has undergone a major change. I will be teaching Pre-K this year. It's a new program for the school which means more work for me. Suddenly my life has gone from looking at pretty vignettes and beautiful living spaces to cutesy classroom stuff. To be honest, I'm already getting a little bored with it. But things will liven up when school starts. Can't wait to meet their smiling little faces.
Unfortunately, this is not my room. It's from Melanie at School Girl Style, a blog that satisfies a little bit of my decor addiction while working.

 From time to time, I suffer from the "white picket fence syndrome." You know, the perfect little life thought.
Don't ask me why it returns. It was really supposed to be put to rest when I was 20 and naive. But I'm certainly not complaining. Life is far better than it was then. 
Through all of this, I'm learning that temporary really is a way of life. Even when you are settled, it's just temporary. Live in the moment because tomorrow it may change.
My current moment status is- no free time. It will surely change when the dust settles and routines are established. I just can't say when.
So, it's goodbye for now my friends. Or more like, see you later...