Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black and White Floors

Classic beauty.  I love them. Especially the glossy expanse of floors that make me want to take my shoes off and slide across in my socks.
It's a "Dream with B" session, photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Entrances are fabulous but so are kitchens.

Thanks for all of your well wishes while I was sick. I'm finally on the mend after 10 days! I've missed blogging. Unfortunately, we only have one laptop which Doc needs for work. I can do pinterest on the phone but not blogging. Hoping I can now catch up with all of you.
Have a great week!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Savannah Tour and A Winner

Last weekend we attended a wedding in Savannah, GA. I really miss living there. Hope you don't get tired of me saying that.  If you haven't visited yet, you should plan a trip. Here's a little clip of the gorgeous architecture and sites downtown.

Thanks to everyone for all of your nice comments on my foyer. You'll never know how long it took me to get it to that point. So simple but yet so hard. It was quite hilarious how many times I changed things before taking photos.

I'm still sick with the flu. I pray none of you get this stuff. It will not go away!  Hoping I'll be back to a normal schedule of blog visiting next week.

And for the winner of the Shabby Apple skirt...
Congratulations Erika of Just Peachy Photography!
 Wishing each of you a restful weekend. May you sleep like a baby!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Foyer

The foyer is just about complete. It may be a space I never finish before moving.  I have ideas about tweaking it but for now it's done. 
The mirror was the first purchase. I saw Kim's and fell in love with it. She was kind enough to send me the link- Home Decorators. This was my splurge.
Next came the dresser.
 And no, I did not paint it. I was shopping for a dresser that could be painted and stumbled on this at an antique market for a very good price. (Probably less than a "re-do" piece.)  The booth owner was there bringing in new items and just wanted to get rid of it. Lucky me.
I like the drawers left in their original stained condition.
That is why I left the rustic wood frames on the horse art prints.
The rug with the navy trellis pattern was another good deal at The Christmas Tree Shop. $40.
The rest was pulled from around the house, including these chairs from the living room and the pillows from the bedroom.

Here is the foyer when we first moved in the house.
(I wasn't blogging then so excuse the poor quality of photo.)
And now...
I have to keep a runner at the bottom of the stairs because my boys rip up and down them about 50 times a day. One good scratch taught me that. Just life.
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 Savvy Southern Style
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Coastal Charm

We are all fighting the flu at my house. Well, everyone but the Doc. He always gets the flu shot. I never do but might should rethink that since this is the 2nd bout I've had this winter! I'm going to crawl back in bed and will visit with everyone when I feel better.

Don't forget the Shabby Apple giveaway!
Have a great week.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Shabby Apple is once again graciously offering a giveaway to my readers!
How adorable is that skirt? You can win "Izzie" by entering this giveaway.

I love their dresses and skirts!
Ferris Wheel
To enter: go like Shabby Apple on facebook and leave a comment telling me you've done so.  That's it! 

And just in time for your spring shopping, here's a Shabby Apple 10% off coupon. Enter this code- beatricebanks10off

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


No flowers for me yesterday. 

This is what I requested.
A new light for the foyer. It wasn't what I originally had in mind but the bargain bin at Home Depot convinced me otherwise.
I thought the style flowed well with the dining room light. You know, the other light I wanted to get rid of.
Notice anything different? Those metal leaves which were making the globes look like tulips have been removed. Amazing how fast those things snapped off.  I left enough leaves on other parts to tie in with the foyer light. 

Here's the foyer before.
Just felt a little dated to me.

We're getting closer to putting the for sale sign out on the lawn! 

And to the Doc's credit, he did buy me a huge heart box of chocolates. He even got up early this morning to go fill my car up with gas so I wouldn't have to. Yes, I'm spoiled and I love it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Have a Heart

Happy Valentine's Day!

My weekend revolved around heart day. We went out for dinner on Saturday since the family usually spends a quiet evening at home on Valentine's Day. I'll cook up a special dinner with heart shaped anything and everything tomorrow.  After dinner, we went to Home Depot where I finally found a light fixture for the foyer. It wasn't the lantern style I was hoping for but it's pretty. (I'll show it in my next post.)  I told Doc my Valentine gift would be for him to put it up immediately, which he did. Woo hoo! Things like that usually don't happen so fast.

Little Man and I made a valentine mailbox for school. It was his homework. (When did they stop having time to do crafts at school?)  I used left over Christmas gift wrap and a set of playing cards.

He was all for the title.

You may remember the banquet I decorated for a couple of weeks ago. I was asked to decorate again, this time for Valentine's. Since it was a different group of people, we just repeated the same decor. It was last night and I didn't even take one picture! I'm tired.  
To add a heart theme, I bought these frames at Dollar Tree and printed out love quotes. They sold all but two of them after the banquet.

This one was for the dessert table.

Had to throw this one in for the single ladies.

Now, here's how you can have a heart...
Susan over at My Place to Yours, is sponsoring a Valentine Project for the girls of Hope Unlimited for Children. Valentine's Day in Brazil is not until June. So she is asking us to please send a couple of cards to these girls via her organization in CA. It will make their day! You will find the information HERE.

Happy Heart Day!