Friday, January 28, 2011

The girl dreams again...

Elle Decor
 My last post on cozy spots got me to thinking of this.  I was gravitating towards the larger window seats and thought, why not a daybed?  Nice alternative, wouldn't you say?

Here's some pretty pink ones for Pink Saturday. 
The Bella Cottage
  Can you spell posh?  $8200 for your little princess-
Posh Tots

Love the juxtaposition of the pink and turquoise-

Just look how comfy-

Stylish in the middle of a room-


Make it shabby-
Country Living

Pottery Barn

Make it beautiful-

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

How about urban-

West Elm

 Maybe coastal-

Pottery Barn

Sarah Richardson

Even masculine-

House Beautiful

When my daughter was little, I couldn't wait to get her an iron daybed.  We have long since moved on but there's still a little girl inside of me who longs for one. Reality check:  I hated making up the bed on that thing.  It was so hard to tuck all the corners.  I have a feeling if I had one now, it would pretty much look like this-

Hmm..come to think of it, these days my king bed is starting to look like this.  Another one of those things that slides when I'm running late for work.  I won't tell you how often.  I was taught better.  My mom never left the house without first making the bed.  We could be on our way to the hospital and she'd stop to make up the bed.

Do you ever leave the house without making your bed?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A working girl's dream...

Southern Living steal a moment away.  Just the computer and me.
What started out to be part time work for me has turned into a full time job.  I'm really missing my blogging friends.  It's near impossible to keep up with everything and everybody.  So if you miss me coming by, now you know.   After all, a girl can't afford such luxury if she sits in front of the computer all day.  So off to work we go.

Of all the homes I've lived in, none had a window seat.  I pine for one.
My Ideal

Architectural Digest

Country Living

House Beautiful- above and below

See that little desk over by the window?  That's the closest thing I have to a window seat.  It's where I blog. Thinking I need something a little more comfy.  
Beatrice Banks
  Do you have a cozy spot to blog?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Go for the Bold

Traditional Home

Pattern and color are two things that will draw the eye into a room. For the brave at heart, make it bold.   

Below is a bold pattern in pink for Pink Saturday. Have a happy one at How Sweet the Sound
Traditional Home

Bold patterns have been around for years.  Remember when?
unknown source
Snazzy, huh? Ok, that is even painful for me to post.  But look at the fabric pattern.  Would that not be ever so stylish in a smaller dose?

A little bit goes a long ways.
Whether it's a rug, pillow, headboard, artwork, decor piece, light fixture, wall or window treatment or a single piece of furniture - look at how a bold pattern will capture your attention and cause you to focus longer on the space.

House Beautiful
House Beautiful
Beatrice Banks
Martha Stewart


A few more pops of pink for Pink Saturday with the pillows, artwork, and books. But the rug is the real attention getter in this show stopping room.

Even a neutral palette is more interesting with bold graphics.
Coastal Living

Martha Stewart

Coastal Living

My Home


I would like to thank all of you sweet friends who leave comments and browse my blog.  In appreciation, I'd like to start featuring some of your blogs on here.  If you'd like to be featured, please let me know in a comment or at  It would be an honor to showcase your wonderful blog on B's.  
Step right up and...
"B" bold!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just for laughs.

In the clip above, it is said that the bride and groom were wearing microphones so that is why the laughter is loud and clear.  This  may not even be funny to you but I got a chuckle out of it.  

Holding back laughter is so hard when you know it's not the appropriate time or place.  For me, part of the humor in those situations is knowing I shouldn't be laughing. 
I once attended a graduation held in a gymnasium with seating in the bleachers. We sat fairly close to the top.  A lady behind us apparnetly had to make an exit about midway through the ceremony.  It was so quiet and her high heels clanked on every step.  If that wasn't bad enough, about half way down, her slip fell down.  She then become entangled with it and wrestled it all the way down. The harder she tried to pull it up, the more it wrapped around her legs, then her high heels. Thankfully, she did not fall but by the time she reached the floor, her only choice was to step out of it.  So there in front of thousands, she quickly stepped out of her slip and carried it in her hands.  Needless to say, she did not come back.  No one was laughing.  But I could not stop myself.  I knew her family was probably sitting right behind me.  You get the picture.  The harder I tried to stifle it, the more strange noises escaped from my lips. It took a lot to regain my composure. 
Have you ever been in one of those situations?  I'd love to hear about it.  

I could use some laughter today.  How about you? 
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. (Proverbs 17:22)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pillow Power Finale

This is the final Pillow Power post. And what else?  It's the power of a pink pillow!  Posting to Pink Saturday over at Ms. Beverly's.
Have you ever considered how powerful one pink pillow can be?

  Let Domino Magazine do the convincing:

Just look how powerful and beautiful this bride looks surrounded by a group of pink pillows! (source- 100 layer cake- a great and fun wedding blog.)
 It is said, all girls look beautiful in pink. Stands to reason it works for decor too. So find a spot in your house, and give it a pretty pop  of pink with pillows.  It works. 
                                   My little keeping room.

Wishing you a power packed pretty pink day!