Monday, January 7, 2013


Happy New Year!  I never imagined I'd be away from blogging this long. How I have missed it...and you my friends!  My direction in life has dramatically changed. No more idle days of sitting at the computer. It's all about work now. Hopefully things won't be this way forever. Thought I'd update you on my happenings. In the past 6 months we relocated to a different state, moved twice, started new jobs and schools, and took on a remodeling project.  I don't know what I was thinking when we bought our house, which was in need of updating. With all we have going on, time is very limited. Thinking this project may not be one of our smartest decisions. Hoping when the dust settles, it will be worth it.  
So you've met The Borrowed House and The Brownsfield. Now meet The Belle, (Southern Belle.) 
The curb appeal is what drew me to this house.  We haven't even touched anything outside yet but I know it's going to clean up nicely.
I love the porch, gas lights which burn nonstop and the two front doors.
This is the best lot in the neighborhood, right beside the pond and walking track! The view from my living room window. 

The inside of the house is not as glorious as the outside. It was custom built and while the previous owners had some good ideas, most do not flow or even make sense. The Doc could not see the potential when we first looked. But it's starting to look completely different. 
This is such a slow process. Thought we'd be finished by now. I'll be showing you pics asap, (like this cabinet we painted and added bead board.)

Wishing each of you a prosperous 2013!